Made To Order

We are top of the line full functioning socks manufacturer in Thailand.
Our company speacialize in designing and producing socks including

Kid Socks
Student Socks
Business Socks
Fashion Socks
Non-Skid Socks
Sport Socks

Answering your questions is our priority

We do it your way, from design perspective to fits to logo to its finest

We are able to give samples with free of charge

For our customer to feel it in hand before placing an order. For inquiries please feel free to contact us. Your happiness is our priority.

We have experienced designers

Take on contemporary market. Look after the process of designing. Make sure that everything is faultless throughout the chain.

Our Conditions

We price our product from the process that it is being made, details, materials and size.

Shipment will take roughly 2 months (depends on orders and time management).


Contact Us

Amanda Jiang
Assistant Marketing Manager
Tel: +662-758-2123
Mobile: +6698-750-2570